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Relationship Checkup

Sometimes couples need to check in with each other about their similarities and differences. This is a great place to start. A relationship checkup is a 3-session program with an online assessment designed to help couples identify their strengths and growth areas and give couples some ideas on how to improve their relationship.

This is recommended for: premarital counseling, new relationships where there is no major issue occurring, or relationships that feel they have "gone flat" with no identified main issue

*Please note that this is not sex therapy or regular couples therapy, but can be used as a diagnostic tool.

Session 1:An initial meeting for me to get to know you. This will include family histories, relationship histories and what you may already see as your strengths and growth areas. I will also explain how to take the online assessment which will be taken between the first and second sessions.


Session 2:​ We will discuss the results of the assessment. You will be given an overview of the assessment results which will be processed in session. I will also provide feedback on how you can begin to work on changing behaviors and communicate differently to improve on some of the growth areas.


Session 3: ​I will provide you with more information about the assessment which will be explained and discussed in this session. We will review some of the information already gone over and I will help you make a plan for future change. I will also address any specific questions or concerns.

Relationship Checkup
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